The Packers dared Colin Kaepernick to throw the ball, and he carved them up for 412 yards and three touchdowns. <b>A</b>


The Niners did nothing on the ground for most of the game. Frank Gore seemed to be missing his burst. <b>C</b>


Not a deep performance, and there were a couple of drops, but Anquan Boldin's transcendent debut bumps it up a notch.<b> A</b>


Very good pass protection, though they got pushed around in the run game for a while and were called for several false starts. <b>C</b>


Quietly good game against the Green Bay rushing attack. <b>B</b>


Relatively quiet game for Pat Willis and NaVorro Bowman, but Aldon Smith had 1? sacks and 4 quarterback hits. <b>B</b>


Eric Reid had a pick, Tarell Brown a fumble recovery. Then again, too many missed tackles and open receivers.<b> C</b>


Positives: excellent kickoff coverage, two Phil Dawson field goals. Negatives: weak punt returns, a 48-yard field-goal miss. <b>C</b>


The 49ers showed adaptability and flair in beating one of their main rivals for the NFC crown.<b>A</b>