A bank robber remains at large after striking two Middletown banks in nine days.

The most recent incident occurred Thursday at the Tri Counties Bank when a man entered the bank around 4:30 p.m., asked to change a $10 bill, and then presented a note demanding cash.

He was spotted leaving in a gold or champagne colored four-door sedan heading toward Highway 175. Law enforcement officers descended on the scene but could not locate the suspect.

He was described as white, heavy set and wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and black-framed glasses with clear lenses.

Detectives believe he's the same person whose apparent casing of the same bank prompted a call to police on Feb. 27. The suspect left without incident after getting change for a $100 bill.

Instead, investigators believe he then robbed the West America Bank in Middletown 45 minutes later.

In that case, he demanded a note indicating he had a weapon, but none was displayed.

Anyone with information can contact the Lake County Sheriff's Office at (707) 263-2690.