GOP and women

EDITOR: In video and print we're told that Republicans acknowledge they lost the 2012 presidential race partly because they failed to get the Latino vote. I have not heard any Republican acknowledge that they failed to get support from a majority of women.

I'd sure like to see a Republican come out and say why they failed and promise to do something about it. To me, it is typical of the Republican Party that it doesn't give any importance to women and women's issues. I'm guessing that they have given this so little consideration that they don't know why they were/are out of favor with women.

If Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan had been elected, we would have been led by men who grew up in cultures in which women are not equal to men. Women cannot be elders in the Mormon Church, just as women cannot be priests in the Catholic Church. Ryan's ultra-conservative brand of Catholicism led to my favorite slogan of 2012: Keep your rosaries off my ovaries.