A Santa Rosa man grabbed his ex-girlfriend at an apartment complex parking lot and stabbed her repeatedly in an attempt to kill her, said Santa Rosa police Wednesday.

The 19-year-old victim was able to tell officers who attacked her and suspect Miguel Ruiz, 21, was arrested shortly after the Tuesday night assault, said Santa Rosa Sgt. Dave Linscomb.

Ruiz was in custody Wednesday on $1 million bail. He is suspected of attempted homicide and domestic violence.

There were no apparent witnesses to the attack and the severely injured woman was lucky to be found, said Linscomb.

A neighbor came upon her by chance. She was found on the ground behind her parked car at a Meadow Way apartment complex in southern Santa Rosa.

She was bloody from several wounds to her torso and neck.

"It was very fortunate the neighbor found her when they did. They were doing something else. It was just by happenstance," said Linscomb.

"They were life-threatening (wounds.) She went through surgery and has survived," he said.

The couple had recently stopped dating and the attack apparently stemmed from issues involving the break up.

Tuesday night she'd been home at her apartment but at some point she left.

"Whether he was outside waiting for her or whether he called her out, we don't know," Linscomb said.

In the parking lot she was dragged behind her car and attacked, according to police accounts.

The neighbor who found her sought help from other neighbors and a 911 call was made at 11:02 p.m.

"She was able to give us the name of her attacker," said Linscomb.

The man's name and car description were broadcast to law enforcement.

The attack occurred on the residential road near Petaluma Hill Road. A police officer spotted Ruiz in a nearby area of southern Santa Rosa, driving near South E Street and Bennett Valley Road.

Multiple officers then stopped Ruiz at gunpoint.

Linscomb declined to release the woman's name, citing privacy laws involving identifying victims of domestic violence.

The case remained under investigation Wednesday.

The sergeant asked anyone with information about the attack to call detectives at (707) 543-3590.