Wednesday's Letters to the Editor

<b>Wasted money</b>

EDITOR: Oxymoron, or just moron, moron? Having been an educator for 30-plus years, I have seen standardized testing come and go. Here we go again — STAR testing out, and districts are being given money to learn and implement a new test for students ("Common core offers lesson in common sense," Editorial, Sunday). I am sorry, but standards testing shows standard, no matter how you wrap it.

Classrooms are overcrowded, teachers haven't gotten raises for a decade and don't have enough supplies (even toner, paper and pencils these days.) Tell me the logic to pouring so much money into testing, again, when teachers could use that money to better prepare students for testing — with smaller class sizes and materials and whatever extra help they could get.

I don't believe we even have a benchmark in California for standards when school districts are going bankrupt.


Santa Rosa

<b>World's &‘peace force'</b>

EDITOR: President Barack Obama is threatening to bomb Syria in the age-old habit of killing people to avenge the killing of people. And so the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize adds another piece to the puzzle of the ongoing bloody history of humanity.

The U.S. is not viewed as an honest broker of human rights in the Arab world. It is rightly viewed as a hypocrite. It supports dictators and not innocent civilians when convenient. It turns a blind eye to atrocities by allies.

Instead of being the world's police force, why don't we become the world's peace force? Would this be easy? No. The U.S. has gotten used to the lens of its own economic interests and "needs." Would this bring an immediate end to violence between countries and factions? No. The world is heavily armed to feed its habit and habits are hard to break. Would it work? Who knows? It has never been tried.

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