Rohnert Park's City Council joined with seven other Sonoma County cities in adding its voice to the gun control debate, officially backing federal legislators' efforts to strengthen gun control laws.

The council unanimously agreed to send letters to Rep. Mike Thompson, D-St. Helena, and Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Ca., asking them to "take a comprehensive look" at reducing gun violence.

The council, though, did not even broach a discussion about adopting a resolution supporting federal efforts to reduce gun violence, something that staff had proposed as an option.

The issue was placed on the council's Tuesday agenda at the request of councilmembers Gina Belforte and Jake Mackenzie after Mayor Pam Stafford declined to include it.

Stafford said during the discussion that the city shouldn't wade into national matters and had traditionally avoided doing so. But she said she would go along with writing to lawmakers about gun control.

Others on the dais expressed similar reservations, but were won over.

"I hope this is going to be an exception," Councilman Amy Ahanotu said. "I do support gun control strongly and I hope that Congress can do something about it. They have to."