Investigators dug a bullet out of a car belonging to a Sonoma County woman who was the victim of a drive-by shooting on her way to work early Friday morning.

The woman was traveling northbound on Highway 101 south of River Road when she noticed a vehicle racing up behind her in the far left lane, and then beginning to tailgate her, the Sonoma County Sheriff's Office said.

As she began to move to the right, she realized the large SUV behind her already had moved and began coming up on her right to pass her, Sonoma County Sheriff's Capt. Rob Giordano said.

She then heard a "pop" that sounded like gunfire. She thought perhaps a tire had gone flat, authorities said.

It wasn't until she got to work that she found a hole in a panel on the front right portion of her blue Kia car, they said.

Authorities found a bullet in a metal panel near the right side of her windshield, Giordano said.

The driver was not harmed.

Officials said the woman, whose name was being withheld for her protection, described a very large maroon or burgundy SUV that was driving erratically before and after the 6 a.m. gunfire.

She said it zoomed away after the shooting, Giordano said.

The woman did not see a gun, but observed movement that may have been the passenger of the SUV firing out his window, he said.

She thought two men were in the SUV. They were described only as white or Latino, of unknown age.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call sheriff's investigators at 565-2185.

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