Santa Rosa Vice Mayor Erin Carlstrom was granted a three-month maternity leave from her council duties Tuesday.

The City Council allowed the 30-year-old councilwoman, who is eight months pregnant, to take the extended leave with partial pay. She is expecting her first child in October. The vote was 6-0, with Carlstrom abstaining.

Council members need permission from their colleagues if they will be absent from council meetings for more than 30 days. If permission is not granted, the seat of that council member can be deemed vacant and filled through the appointment process.

Carlstrom will be paid for the first 30 days, but she will be unpaid for the other 60 days, though the city will continue to contribute toward her health benefits.

She said she hopes to return to her council duties before the 90 days are up.

Where homes were lost in Valley fire

Middletown (includes Anderson Springs): 562

Cobb: 445

Hidden Valley Lake: 144

Loch Lomond: 71

Whispering Pines: 36

Lower Lake: 22

Pope Valley: 1

Total: 1,281

SOURCE: Cal Fire Valley fire damage assessment report

More Info: PDF: Valley Incident Damage Inspection Report