Sauvignon blanc can please every palate.

That's how Eric Stine, winemaker of Guenoc Lake County Wines, sees it.

"Like chardonnay, it comes in a wide range of styles, so if you tried one and did not like it, that does not mean you don't like the varietal," Stine said. "Keep trying and you're bound to find one that blows you away."

Stine is behind our wine-of-the-week winner — the Guenoc, 2012 California Sauvignon Blanc at $10 — a great price for the quality.

The sauvignon blanc is tasty with notes of grapefruit, as well as layered flavors of tropical mango and pineapple. It has a tangy lime finish with crisp acidity.

Stine says sauvignon blanc, in a word, is "refreshing."

"Different wines have their parts, but to me sauvignon blanc means refreshing," Stine says. "I'm a big fan of spicy white wines, so I drink sauvignon blanc all the time and really love the varietal."

"Sauvignon blanc is one of our 'core' varieties at Guenoc so we have a lot of practice with this varietal. Over the years, we have learned cool night picks help," Stine said.

Being detailed oriented, Stine said, makes him a good fit to be a winemaker because he can keep an eye on improving bottlings.

"Like most things in life, the things you care most about are what you spend your time perfecting," he said. "I think for those who make it a passion, wine offers endless possibilities. But you have to love it first."

Stine was twenty-something when he first fell in love with wine.

"I had the great fortune of meeting an avid wine collector as an undergrad, so I had my first 'wow' wine as a guest in a private cellar," he said. "Ever since, I've been captivated by its mixture of science, physical labor, history, art, engineering, merriment. ... I can keep going."

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