<b>Putin's motive</b>

EDITOR: In his ingenious plan to avert an attack, Russian President Vladimir Putin has a horse in the race in cooling off increased military action in Syria. Besides the obvious proximity of Russia's western borders, his desire to keep his fellow thug ally in power and keep weapons flowing into this oppressive regime, Putin has one very important event in his country's future — the Winter Olympics in Sochi in less than six months — and he wants to ensure their success.

Virtually all Middle East experts warn of the impending powder keg in the region waiting for ignition. If you don't think this has implications worldwide, you haven't watched the decline in the financial markets recently over war worries.

Putin's fears of a regional war would really suck in more than the bordering countries; it could precipitate another global financial collapse. Putin's real fear is a Russian Olympics nobody attends.


Santa Rosa