Lake County authorities confiscated 26 firearms, including 12 assault weapons, while carrying out drug raids at properties owned by two men, a Sheriff's Office official said.

More than 700 marijuana plants were seized or eradicated at the locations owned or occupied by Pedro Anguiano Favela, 56, of Clearlake and Arnoldo Anguiano Favela, 42, of Spring Valley.

Narcotics detectives serving search warrants on properties on Rocky Creek Road in Lower Lake eradicated 632 pot plants on Sept. 13, Sheriff's Lt. Steve Brooks said in a press release.

Pedro Favela was apprehended Tuesday at a residence in Clearlake, where he was allegedly cultivating 52 marijuana plants.

Arnoldo Favela was located the same day at a Middletown address where detectives seized 30 pot plants and four pounds of processed marijuana, Brooks said.

Firearms seized at the Favela properties included three AK-47 assault weapons, three AR-15 assault rifles, an AR-15 assault pistol, an Uzi assault weapon, two Mini-14 assault rifles, a Thompson assault rifle, two .30-caliber carbines, a Russian 308 assault rifle, four handguns and assorted shotguns and rifles, Brooks said.

Arrested on numerous drugs and weapons allegations, the Favelas were booked into the Lake County Jail.

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