A Fort Bragg man suspected of sexual assault was in custody in Indiana on Tuesday after DNA evidence linked him to the crime, police said.

Police suspect Rudy Adalberto Chitzab, 34, assaulted a woman in July 2012 at his home in Fort Bragg, where he lived at the time, Fort Bragg Police Lt. John Naulty said.

Chitzab's wife and children were asleep elsewhere in the home when the assault occurred, Naulty said.

Investigators interviewed Chitzab, who said he had no sexual contact or relationship with the woman, Naulty said.

However Department of Justice criminologists who analyzed evidence from the case determined Chitzab's DNA matches that found during the investigation.

Authorities issued a warrant for Chitzab's arrest and Officer Andrew Kendl tracked Chitzab to Greene County, Ind. Greene County Sheriff's deputies arrested Chitzab at 9:30 a.m. Monday.

Authorities expect to bring Chitzab back to Mendocino County.