<b>Stand up to NRA</b>

EDITOR: When is this country going to have enough of mass shootings and the National Rifle Association? Mass killings are happening more frequently and involve more deaths. Is Congress going to get its act together and pass stricter gun control measures? Fat chance; they'd all lose a big contributor, the NRA.

Residents of Colorado punished lawmakers who tightened gun control even after Columbine. Hard to believe. The NRA blames killings on the person, but if the person had a difficult time getting a weapon, maybe some of these killings could be averted.

Arming folks isn't the solution. The NRA would be happy if every citizen carried guns. We could go back to the Wild West, shoot-outs in the bar and on the streets, and Miss Kitty telling the boys to hand in their guns when they enter. Sound like fun?

Those of us who want tighter gun laws are going to have to let it be known that we want action from our government, not kowtowing to the NRA.