What will it take?

EDITOR: I think Harry Reid has gone soft. My heart goes out to Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who has done everything in her power to get assault weapons banned, only to be shot down by none other than our own Senate majority leader ("Senate drops ban on assault rifles," Wednesday).

Is the only reason the assault weapons ban is not included in the gun control bill that we are obligated to appease the Republicans? In essence, then, we're putting a bunch of right-wing hypocrites ahead of saving lives. What will it take to convince the Republicans and their sidekick, the National Rifle Association, that nonmilitary personnel, i.e., the majority if the American people, do not need assault weapons? Obviously, the massacres in Newtown Columbine and Aurora, just to name a few, didn't trigger any kind of wake-up call. What will it take?