<b>Haves and have nots</b>

EDITOR: Your Thursday editorial ("Getting local libraries the help they need") expressed support for the idea of wealthier or larger communities being permitted to purchase additional hours that their community public library would be open and for poorer or less populous communities to just have to live with it.

This would be a new approach to library service in this county. Presently, our library system requires equity of service across the county, or a best effort. It has not been possible here since 1975 for one community to raise funds to open its own local library for additional hours, though they can raise funds for a lot of other things.

The revision of Sonoma County Library's Joint Powers Authority agreement includes this proposed change, and the whole document with many other changes is being considered and approved in the coming weeks. I encourage anyone interested in this issue to let your City Council and/or Board of Supervisors representatives know what you think is best for our community.

I know that many, many people want the library's hours restored. Creating more "haves" and "have nots" is less than an equitable solution. In this matter, the old way seems better.


Santa Rosa

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