Prosecutors on Wednesday brought felony charges against an East Bay lawyer accused of trying to pass through the security gate at the Sonoma County courthouse with methamphetamine and another drug.

Shell Kaminsky, 31, of Brentwood, faces possible jail time for the July 17 incident. It happened as she was returning to court to represent a client in an assault trial.

Security guards are alleged to have discovered the drugs in her purse or brief case. She fled on foot but was arrested by a deputy in the parking lot.

Prosecutors asked for additional time before making formal allegations. She was charged with two felonies — possession of methamphetamine and possession of dextramphetamine stimulant pills. She was also charged with a misdemeanor alleging she entered a courthouse or state building with contraband.

If convicted, she faces a likely sentence of anything from probation to jail, prosecutor Bud McMahon said. She could also enroll in a court program and have the offenses removed from her record.

She was ordered to return to court Oct. 4 for further proceedings. She declined to comment about her case.

Kaminsky represented one of five defendants accused of assaulting a father and his daughters at a car show last year at Youth Community Park in Santa Rosa. Lawyers for some of the other defendants sought a mistrial on the grounds that Kaminsky's handling of the case biased the jury.

Jurors hung on the most serious charges against her client, former Rohnert Park resident Robert Flett, 27. He was convicted of misdemeanor public fighting and later admitted two counts of misdemeanor battery. He was sentenced to six months in jail.

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