New Easter finery isn't a given for 11-year-old Kate Heller of Sebastopol and her sister, Dylan, who's pushing 9.

But special plans this year necessitated a shopping trip. Both girls are pleased with their purchases.

"I got a white dress with a fake-flower belt," said Kate. And Dylan: "I got a blue dress with a white sweater."

They'll wear them Monday to the White House and the 135th Easter Egg Roll, hosted by Michelle Obama.

Their mom, Mary, has a friend at the White House who wrangled them tickets.

Their dad, Ed, and brother, Ryan, will watch for them on TV. There could be 35,000 <QA0>

people there, but how many fake-flower belts?

HERE IT'S PASSOVER and Rabbi Henry Shreibman of Sonoma State University is savoring both the holiday and 15 minutes of fame.

The Jewish Daily Forward newspaper of New York City named him one of America's 36 most inspiring rabbis.

"It took me completely off guard," said Shreibman, who teaches in SSU's Jewish Studies program. He's also a professor of comparative religion and other subjects at Dominican University.

He was nominated for the honor in The Forward by SSU student Mary Lou Selik. She wrote that anti-semitism she encountered at a young age caused her to consider herself an atheist.

She half-heartedly signed up for Shreibman's class and "I ended up falling in love with Judaism, reconnecting myself to the Jewish community and traveling to Israel."

Selik said students from assorted backgrounds endure long waits to get into the rabbi's classes. "He refuses to give up on us and encourages us to make positive changes in the world," she said.

The article made Shreibman, 61, cry. "I wished my mother (long a faithful follower of The Forward) had been alive to read it."

TOO CUTE TO EAT: Guests at the latest Visiting Chefs monthly meal at the wonderful Worth Our Weight culinary apprentice caf?fell in love with Nick and Sting.

The adorable young water buffaloes came to the benefit dinner at WOW with Craig Ramini and his wife, Audrey Hitchcock, whose Ramini Mozzarella in Tomales makes water-buffalo cheese.

As Nick and Sting absorbed adoration just outside WOW, inside John Franchetti of Rosso Pizzeria served delicacies featuring buffalo mozzarella, burrata and ricotta.

Nick and Sting, of course, produce no milk for cheese. So the question was asked, what will become of them?

Hitchcock said zoos are a possibility. Also, even buffalo unable to produce milk "have been known to be unwanted-plantlife eradicators."