Time to talk

EDITOR: There's a silver lining to the latest escapade by our local bishop. The people have spoken with one voice and pressured Bishop Robert Vasa to rethink the addendum he would like to force on teachers in Catholic schools ("Bishop relents on vow for teachers," Friday).

The irony is that this man, who has done so much to minimize the role of the Vatican Council, has learned one of the council's most important lessons: Everyone in the body of Christ has an authentic voice that needs to be heard. No one, not the pope a cardinal or a bishop, owns the whole truth. We are all the church, and we need to love and trust one another on this journey of faith. For the first time, it seems that Vasa is going to listen to a variety of different voices. Bravo.

Most Catholics I know understand that Christian spirituality is something profoundly challenging, thought provoking and joyful. We are dumbfounded by the bishop's single-minded focus on sex.

We need to open our hearts and appreciate our bishop's strongly held beliefs. The bishop also needs to appreciate what we have to bring to the dialogue. Although the bishop has done a lot of damage to the Diocese of Santa Rosa, it's time to forgive and begin holding those important conversations.


Santa Rosa

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