<b>GOP and Obamacare</b>

EDITOR: There is a cold logic with the Republican diatribe and vehemence to stop Obamacare. This is not socialized medicine. There isn't even a government option to help reduce costs. Ironically, the Affordable Care Act is, fundamentally, a Republican concept. A similar health plan was written by former President Dwight Eisenhower, refined by Richard Nixon, approved by the conservative Heritage Foundation, proposed by Sen. Bob Dole as an alternative to "Clinton Care" and signed into Massachusetts state law by a Republican governor, Mitt Romney.

As Washington Post commentator Ezera Klein has suggested, if the Affordable Care Act will just be a debacle, Republicans should let it take effect, ride the catastrophe to overwhelming victory in the 2014 midterms and then use their massive congressional majorities to repeal it. Of course, they won't do this. The real Republican fear is that once Obamacare actually takes effect, people will like it.