Get it built

EDITOR: I have been a resident of Willits for more than 50 years, and I fully support the Highway 101 bypass ("Willits bypass clash," Friday).

There was a time when traveling through town was not a 30- to 60-minute ordeal. Now it can be even longer with tourist traffic as well as locals trying to get from place to place.

The impact of this project on wetlands is minimal at best as the valley will heal itself as the roadway is raised and isn't sitting on the valley floor. As far as losing business, if you have built a strong customer base they will come back, bypass or not.

Progress can be a scary thing, but the pollution caused by idling vehicles is also not healthy.

The bypass will cut down on traffic and make the streets safer for bicyclists, walkers and joggers. The time has come; I am ready to reclaim my streets. Let's get it built.