<b>Disarming your neighbor</b>

EDITOR: As long as those on the left scream about gun restrictions of one type and another, we will be talking past one another in anger and futility.

Guns themselves have never been the direct cause of the needless deaths we suffer. Rather, it's the ability of dysfunctional people to get their hands on weapons and the inability of those attacked to defend themselves. Does anyone else wonder why gun-free zones seem to be the places most often attacked?

A careful review of facts will show that countries with strict gun regulation are rarely the safest — Mexico or Russia anyone? Passing gun restrictions usually leads to more violent crime. Look at the numbers in Britain and Australia. Switzerland is very safe and has more guns per person.

This country has had a proliferation of guns for 250 years, but the last 30 have found this senseless violence increasing. At least it seems to be increasing if you watch the news. Rather than looking for some nebulous Utopian nirvana with no firearms, we need a thoughtful unbiased analysis of why these crimes are occurring. The contemplated laws will mostly disarm and restrict your neighbor.

Why don't you trust your neighbors?



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