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We don't just cover the North Bay. We live here.
Did You Know? In the first 10 days of the North Bay fire, we posted 390 stories about the fire. And they were shared nearly 137,000 times.
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Tired complaints

EDITOR: I wonder if Thurston Smith ("Will church change?" Letters, Saturday) has any idea how tiresome his letter is for most Catholics. It's the same old mantra of the same old generic complaints.

In an ideal world, all of his demands would be met, and he would not have to be so bitter. The church has one and a half billion members, most of whom do not waste their time writing unrealistic and judgmental letters, but they practice their faith instead as best they can, keeping within its well-founded traditions in a world of ever-increasing nonsense.

It would be far more conducive if we were spared the same old generic criticisms from people who fail to understand the consequences of what they are demanding.


Redwood Valley

RP fire response

EDITOR: Your report on Rohnert Park's fire division was on the money ("Department under fire," March 10). They show up late and do very little. Our mayor didn't like your report and alluded to the use of mutual aid as a method of creating a deeper department with more resources ("Statistics back public safety model," Close to Home, March 17).

Unfortunately, our mayor appears to be misinformed about how the fire division operates. In 1995, the grand jury identified needed improvements, including proper building inspections, faster responses and tactical training for firefighting.

In 2003, my parent's home was destroyed in a series of events that resembled the Keystone Cops. Fire personnel didn't exhibit familiarity with their equipment, didn't locate a fire hydrant across the street, moved their ladder truck three times and, after being at the scene for 20 minutes, started fighting the fire. Mutual aid was not used. The fire division was called back the next morning to put out the smoldering fire.

Recently, there was a fire in an apartment complex. I understand that mutual aid took care of things while the Rohnert Park fire division provided some support.

Nothing has changed since 1995. I agree with the mayor that we need a deeper fire division. Firefighting responsibilities should be turned over to a real fire department — one that arrives on the scene quickly and fights fires.


Rohnert Park

Palestinians forgotten?

EDITOR: Sunday's Close to Home ("For Jews, salvation is a communal experience") addresses every oppressed group — except Palestinians.

Chopped liver anyone?


Monte Rio

No parole for Hill

EDITOR: I am strongly opposed to Roger Lee Hill's release from prison ("SR killer wins parole," Feb. 22), and I asked Gov. Jerry Brown to deny his request for parole.

Hill was arrested and charged with attempted murder of a lone female victim in September 1980. He chose his victim at random, followed her to a remote location and attempted to murder her. This was not a spontaneous crime of passion but a brutally planned act. Within days of being released on bail for the attempted murder, Hill viciously murdered a man by stabbing him 17 times in his home in front of his wife. Yet again, this was not an unplanned crime as Hill broke into the victim's home late at night while he and his wife were sleeping. Hill was ultimately convicted of attempted murder and murder.

Hill is only 56 years old, and I am convinced that if he is released he would be an imminent danger to the citizens of Sonoma County. I will continue to fight this release to keep our communities safe.


Sonoma County sheriff

Keystone pipeline

EDITOR: A critical choice will be made by President Barack Obama soon. He alone can reject or approve the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada to Texas. This pipeline will accelerate the development of the Alberta tar sands, one of the most carbon polluting energy sources on our planet.

I hope our president makes the right choice and rejects the pipeline.

To do so would represent a serious policy change that could cause some hardship for a few. But the majority of the scientific community agrees: If we are to avoid catastrophic climate chaos and subsequent greater hardship for many, the wise choice is to say no to the rapid deployment of the earth's remaining fossil fuels.

I believe we have elected a president who can and will hear the voices of those speaking with knowledge and common sense. I pray that our voices will be strong enough to get through.

Please add your voice by participating during this public comment period and write to our president, the State Department, newspapers and friends. To become informed and for help with your actions, go to 350.org or the Sierra Club.



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