CHP Officer Robert Powers, on patrol in Petaluma, began arresting one suspected drunken driver when another one sped by him, leading to a second arrest in minutes.

Powers stopped the first driver on Pepper Road near Liberty Road after seeing the driver of the Ford F-150 weaving onto the shoulder and repeatedly hitting his brakes.

Driver Jose Padilla-Gomez, 47, of Bodega Bay, failed a sobriety test and also had his young son in the car. That led to his arrest on suspected drunken driving and a child endangerment charge, said CHP Officer Jon Sloat.

While Powers and another officer were making the arrest on the side of Pepper Road, a Dodge Charger passed them at about 80 mph, Sloat said.

Powers got back on his motorcycle and followed the Charger onto southbound Highway 101. The driver exited at Petaluma Boulevard North and stopped at a nearby gas station where Powers contacted her.

Driver Alia Williams 26, of Petaluma appeared to be intoxicated and was arrested after she failed sobriety tests, said Sloat.

The two drivers were taken to the Sonoma County Jail Friday night and booked.

School reopenings

Schools back in session next week
Santa Rosa City Schools reopening Oct. 27:
—Biella Elementary
—Brook Hill Elementary
—Burbank Elementary
—Hidden Valley Elementary
—Lehman Elementary
—Lincoln Elementary
—Maria Carrillo High School
—Monroe Elementary
—Piner High School
—Proctor Terrace Elementary
—Rincon Valley Middle School
—Santa Rosa Accelerated Charter School
—Steele Lane Elementary

Districts reopening schools Monday:
— Bellevue
— Bennett Valley
— Oak Grove
— Roseland (It’s temporarily moving its Roseland Collegiate Prep students to two of its elementary schools)
— Sonoma Valley (except Dunbar, which opens Oct. 24)

Districts reopening schools Tuesday
— Kenwood (tentative)
— Rincon Valley

Districts reopening schools Wednesday
— Geyserville (tentative)
SOURCES: Santa Rosa City Schools, Sonoma County Office of Education