<strong>Sunday, Oct. 6</strong>

<strong>"Reaching for the Moon, Doris Diaries, Vol. 2"</strong> with Julia Park Tracey, 4 p.m.: <em>Enjoy the further adventures of Doris Bailey Murphy in the Roaring Twenties at the book launch of Julia Park Tracey's "Reaching for the Moon. Doris Diaries, Vol. 2". The event includes a reading accompanied by a slide show of Doris and the Wild West along with an interview of the author and a lively Q&A. Refreshments will be sold and there will be a raffle, book sale and signing.</em> OCA, 3850 Doris Murphy Court, Bohemian Hwy. at Graton Rd., Occidental. More info, 874-9392 or <a href="http://occidentalcenterforthearts.com" target="_blank">occidentalcenterforthearts.com</a>.

<strong>Monday, Oct. 7</strong>

<strong>Rivertown Poets A-Muse-ing Mondays,</strong> 6:30 p.m.: <em>Marvin R. Hiemstra and Peter Carroll.</em> Aqus Caf?,189 H St., Petaluma. More info at <a href="https://www.facebook.com/RivertownPoetsAMuseingMondays" target="_blank">facebook.com/RivertownPoetsAMuseingMondays</a>.

<strong>Tuesday, Oct. 8</strong>

<strong>Valerie Plame, "Blowback," in conversation with Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom</strong>, 7 p.m.: <em>Covert CIA ops officer Vanessa Pierson is finally close to capturing the world's most dangerous international nuclear arms dealer: Bhoot, alias the ghost. One of her assets has information about Bhoot's upcoming visit to a secret underground nuclear weapons facility in Iran—in only a few days. But just as Pierson's informant is about to give her the location, they're ambushed by an expert sniper. Pierson narrowly escapes. Her asset: dead.</em> Book Passage, 51 Tamal Vista Blvd., Corte Madera. (415) 927-0960, <a href="http://bookpassage.com" target="_blank">bookpassage.com</a>.

<strong>Wednesday, Oct. 9</strong>

<strong>Sunset Poetry by the Bay at Studio 333,</strong> 7 p.m.:<em> Dana Teen Lomax, Sheri D Wilson, Cara Vida & Erin Wilson.</em> 333 Caledonia Street, Sausalito. More information,<a href="http:// www.studio333.info" target="_blank"> www.studio333.info</a>.

<strong>Malcolm Gladwell, "David and Goliath,"</strong> 7 p.m.: <em>We all know that underdogs can win-that's what the David versus Goliath legend tells us, and we've seen it with our own eyes. Or have we? In David and Goliath, Malcolm Gladwell, with his unparalleled ability to grasp connections others miss, uncovers the hidden rules that shape the balance between the weak and the mighty, the powerful and the dispossessed.</em> Dominican University of California, Angelico Hall, 50 Acacia Avenue, San Rafael. Info, (415) 927-0960, <a href="http://bookpassage.com/" target="_blank">bookpassage.com</a>.

<strong>Thursday, Oct. 10</strong>

<strong>"Changing Hurt to Hope: Writers Speak Out Against Domestic Violence,"</strong> 7 p.m., Sutter Health, 3883 Airway Drive, Suite 300, Santa Rosa. More info, Michelle Wing, 478-1460 or wingpoet@gmail.com.

<strong>Karen Karbo, "Julia Child Rules,"</strong> 7 p.m.: <em>With her characteristic wit and flair, Karen Karbo takes us for a spin through Julia's life: from her idyllic childhood in California to her confusing young adulthood in New York; her years working for the OSS in Sri Lanka; her world class love affairs with Paris and Paul Child; and her decades as America's beloved French chef. </em>Book Passage, 51 Tamal Vista Blvd., Corte Madera. (415) 927-0960, <a href="http://bookpassage.com" target="_blank">bookpassage.com</a>.

<strong>Saturday, Oct. 12</strong>

<strong>Copperfield's (Petaluma) author panel: Indie-Visible publishing consortium,</strong> 7 p.m.<em> Authors Julia Park Tracey, Jordan Rosenfeld, and Becca Lawton.</em> Copperfield's Books, 140 Kentucky St., Petaluma. 762-0563,<a href="http://copperfieldsbooks.com/" target="_blank"> copperfieldsbooks.com</a>.

<em>To submit book events for consideration in this column, contact Sara Peyton at sara.peyton@gmail.com at least three weeks in advance of the event.</em>