With Sandoval it's always something. He's had both hamate bones in his wrists deleted through surgery. There are no more hamates to worry about. That's progress of sorts. Now his elbow hurts, and the season hasn't even started.

And he's a tub. No other way to put it. He came into camp overweight and promptly told reporters he has two years to slim down. Two years? FYI, his contract is up after 2014 so he's probably thinking he needs to be svelte to get a big new deal.

How about losing some poundage now? It might make the big Panda less injury prone, might make him more mobile at third base, might prolong his baseball life and certainly would show passion and desire for baseball as opposed to passion for a plate of meatballs and spaghetti.

We mention the Giants' three concerns in the interest of balanced reporting. But these concerns should not matter. The Giants have the best general manager in baseball, Brian Sabean, and the best manager, Bruce Bochy, and these guys know what they're doing.

Plus, the Giants have pitching. That pitching. The best pitching.

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