Oyster wars

EDITOR: Before Thomas F. Feeney ("Liberal policies," Letters, Tuesday) goes out to do battle with the federal government, he might want to consider a few facts. Drakes Bay Oyster Co. has been noncompliant in its permit since the day Kevin Lunny purchased it. The California Coastal Commission issued a cease-and-desist order on the same day a federal judge found his case to have no merit.

In fact, the federal government has been Lunny's biggest benefactor. He has operated a multi-million dollar operation on national park land since 2005 for less than the cost of a single overnight campsite in the park. This includes 1,140 acres of tideland and five acres with a house on shore. He has framed this as a cause for his workers without mentioning the millions he stands to make with the help of notorious right-wing legal, public relations and political operatives. This could have serious ramifications for all public lands if he prevails.

Many people have had to move from houses with termed-out leases the park bought 40 years ago. I can assure Feeney of one thing: If the workers' plight were the central issue, it would not be the cause that it's become.