A Cloverdale man who serves both as athletic director for the local high school and as middle school campus supervisor was charged this week with two counts of misdemeanor child molestation for alleged inappropriate conduct with two 15-year-old girls, authorities said.

Charles "Charlie" David Delfino, 46, spent most of the week in jail after his arrest at the Cloverdale High School football game a week ago, police said.

He has since been put on unpaid administrative leave from his school jobs, Cloverdale Unified Schools District Superintendent Steve Jorgensen said.

Delfino has pleaded not guilty, according to court records.

Delfino has been under investigation since late July for a series of incidents over the previous weeks in which he's accused of behaving inappropriately toward two young victims he knew from outside school life, Cloverdale Police Sgt. Stephen Cramer said.

One of the victims also reported an incident that occurred in San Francisco which was then referred to police there. San Francisco Police Lt. Michael Dudoroff confirmed his department has a pending investigation against Delfino but would not elaborate.

The alleged conduct in the local case fell short of substantial sexual contact or sexual battery but rose to the level that warranted his arrest under a misdemeanor Penal Code section for annoying or molesting a child, Cramer said. No actual touching is required to prove the charge.

A warrant was obtained for Delfino's arrest Sept. 27, and police contacted him on the sidelines at last Friday's home game, escorted him away from the field and arrested him, Cramer said.

He was charged Tuesday and released from jail Thursday after posting bond for $20,000 bail, according to court records.

Delfino, an alumnus of Cloverdale High School, where his son, Mitch, was a standout athlete before making his way to Cal's baseball team and later the San Jose Giants, was a longtime youth baseball coach known around town as an athletic mentor. He is a frequent contributor of sports photos and occasional articles to the Cloverdale weekly newspaper.

Delfino has served as campus supervisor at Washington School, which has fifth- through eighth-graders, since September 2011, Jorgensen said. As such, his role was to supervise students and "provide a safe environment," Jorgensen said.

As high school athletic director, a post he assumed in October 2011, his role was primarily administrative: organizing team schedules and game officials, tracking player eligibility, certifying concussion baseline testing and the like, Jorgensen said.

Like any school hire, he was required to provide fingerprints and pass a criminal background check, Jorgensen said.

The superintendent said that he was not aware of any continuing investigation or questioning of students in connection with the molestation case.

He said the district was conducting its own personnel investigation while Delfino is on leave.

Delfino is to return to court on Oct. 31.

A conviction on the molesting charge carries a maximum $5,000 fine and one year in county jail for each count proved, Assistant District Attorney Christine Cook said.

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