<b>SAY questions</b>

EDITOR: Little, if any, discussion seems to have surfaced about what happens if Social Advocates for Youth's Dream Center doesn't function in the responsible, community-friendly manner that SAY promises. Tamayo Village has had some success, but the size of the Dream Center makes it a totally different animal.

Who develops the standards to measure SAY's success or failure? A community-oriented group, not dominated by dreamers or bureaucrats or people from other areas of Santa Rosa or out of town, is required.

Who enforces the standards? We need realists, from the immediate area, not outsiders who have nothing to lose if SAY fails.

Who will pick up the bill if SAY fails? Will the taxpayers be expected to fund a shutdown or a revised operation?

And what happens to the property if there is a shutdown?

As a local resident, it is difficult to listen to those living in a gated enclave or a plush home in a safe neighborhood or other areas of Santa Rosa or out of town who support this experiment. After all, they have nothing to lose if SAY's experiment fails. It's not in their front yard.


Santa Rosa

<b>Virtues of cycling</b>

EDITOR: The concept of sharing is a simple one. Respect both ways. However, the last time I checked, a bicycle takes up about two feet of the road, emits no toxic gases into the atmosphere, creates no obnoxious noise, presents no parking issues, rewards the rider with an opportunity to ward off obesity and heart disease and seldom causes a fatality. It leads one to a simple conclusion as to which form of transportation we should be encouraging and which we should be complaining about.



<b>GOP tantrum</b>

EDITOR: Please, could the GOP just stop acting like a sports team that lost a game and is destroying the stadium lights instead of coming back with a better game plan?

The Affordable Health Care Act was passed. It was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court. It's now the law. If you don't like the law that was passed by a majority, please come up with a real alternative that can then be voted in by a rational majority.

Hurting innocent people with this childish behavior only does just that — it hurts innocent people. Americans are smarter than this, and we deserve much more than this.


Santa Rosa