A parolee allegedly driving a stolen car ran from Sonoma County sheriff's deputies into a creek area Tuesday night but he was found by a police dog and arrested.

Deputy Fred Schmidt spotted Paul Ahrens at about 9:40 p.m. driving at Highway 12 and Farmers Lane, reported sheriff's Lt. Steve Brown.

Schmidt checked the status of Ahrens' car and learned someone had stolen it Tuesday from a PG&E parking lot on Occidental Road, Brown said.

The deputy pulled Ahrens over at Mission Boulevard. Ahrens, 34, pulled into a parking lot and ran from the car into nearby Santa Rosa Creek.

More deputies, aided by Santa Rosa police, arrived and set up around the area.

Deputies repeatedly yelled into the creek area they were going to send in a police dog but the man continued to hide, said Brown.

The dog found the man and Ahrens was arrested on suspicion of possessing a stolen car and burglary tools, resisting arrest and violating parole.

He was booked into the Sonoma County Jail where he was being held without bail due to the parole violation.