New QB won't solve Raiders' problems

Pay attention because this is important. The Raiders got Matt Flynn to play quarterback for them and they traded Carson Palmer to the Cardinals. No great loss there.

People who should know better are writing, saying, declaring the Raiders did well, were brilliant in getting Flynn.

Flynn is the answer at quarterback for years to come yadda yadda and other such nonsense. Please.

We'll get to Flynn the quarterback in a moment. First, let's talk hard cash. And let's put the cash issue in context. The Raiders have dumped players all over the place with one goal. Get rid of big-money commitments. Get out of onerous contracts. Get room to breathe financially.

And it has been a good plan. Strip down the payroll and bring in young guys and rebuild. This is a bad team that definitely needs to rebuild. Signing Flynn is plain wrong. It involves paying lots of money, exactly what the Raiders must not do.

How does it involve paying lots of money?

The Raiders would have owed Palmer $13 million this season until he seemed to get nauseated at the prospect of playing for them — who wouldn't? — and made a big tumult to get out. So they got rid of him and his salary.

Not really.

In NFL math, Palmer counts for more than $9 million against the Raiders' salary-cap figure in the upcoming season. Keep the number nine in mind.

The Raiders, suddenly big spenders, increased Flynn's salary for 2013 to more than $6 million. If you do the math, if you add nine plus six that comes to $15 million, or $2 million more than if they had kept Palmer and just went about their business.

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