<b>Traditions lost</b>

EDITOR: The Harvest Fair as a family event seems to be gone. I have attended for decades. Not this year. As I understand it, there won't be the usual sheep dog trials. There won't be any art competition. There won't be games for children. There won't be any exhibits of the animals that provide our food. There won't be any 4H or FFA. The Harvest Fair is now an adult event for people who can't get enough wine and beer tasting even though there are wine tasting rooms around every corner now.

I drink a glass of wine now and then, and I drink a beer several times a week. But I'm losing my taste for both as makers and sellers of alcoholic beverages are taking over our land and cutting down the redwood trees, creating a culture that seems to believe one must consume alcohol to have fun.

There used to be cattle grazing on the grass pastures. There used to be sheep roaming ranches. There used to be orchards of apples and pears. That kind of agriculture provided homes and food for song birds and other wildlife that are now disappearing. Now we just grow vineyards and casinos and housing developments. So sad.