Saturday's Letters to the Editor

<b>Insurance, finally</b>

EDITOR: I must respond to Henry Angeli's letter ("A sham," Thursday). Calling Obamacare a sham based on his skewed opinion is every tea partier's opinion.

I'm 59 and very healthy. I had a heart attack 11 years ago and got three stents. Insurance costs me more than $1,000 a month with a big deductible because of "pre-existing conditions." I was covered when I had the attack, but after getting laid off, I couldn't keep the coverage longer than another year. By Angeli's math, I save thousands annually.

With the Affordable Care Act, I can get decent coverage for less than $500 a month and can't be denied. I am healthier today than most anyone I know. I am self-employed with few or no options for health coverage . . . until Obamacare.

Thank God we finally got a president who brought this country's medical insurance costs in line with how the rest of the civilized world operates. Not perfect, but way better.

Angeli questions President Barack Obama's work history. I contend that Angeli must be a wealthy snob or retired civil servant to believe we buy his manure.


Santa Rosa

<b>Throw 'em out</b>

EDITOR: I should not be surprised, but I am: Reps. Mike Thompson and Jared Huffman refused to forgo their pay despite being members of the body that has shut down the government ("Thompson, Huffman not giving up pay," Thursday). They have decided that it is OK for them to continue to suckle at the public teat while the majority of the common men and women who work for the government won't get a paycheck for a while. What is good for the goose is certainly not good for the gander, if we are to believe these two gents.

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