Friday's Letters to the Editor

Technology and ADHD

EDITOR: Has society considered that extreme changes in childhood activities over the past 25 years might be a contributing factor to increases in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ("Worries rise on surge in ADHD," Monday)? My children, who graduated from high school in 1984 and 1986, were raised without cellphones and computers. We owned one television, which was seldom watched during the week and never at dinner. Our family had the usual car pools to school sporting events, as well as ballet and piano lessons.

Today, the lives of many American children are dictated by multi-tasking, which can change the circuitry of the brain, and a plethora of electronic devices. The art of conversation hardly exists in children's lives. Teens don't speak or write in complete sentences, and their speech is so fast and enunciation so poor that often they cannot be understood by anyone but peers.

Until parents realize they are allowing technology to ruin the attention spans of their children, we should expect cases of ADHD to escalate. Will we choose to let newer, better, faster, cheaper electronic devices deplete the attention spans of our children and destroy their ability to control impulses? Or might families return to a few habits of what were once known as manners, such as no phone calls during the dinner hour?


Santa Rosa

Why just two?

EDITOR: The same-sex marriage controversy is, for all intents and purposes, over. The larger question is why should marriage be limited to two people? The premise of same-sex marriage is based on sexual preference and a loving commitment to another person, regardless of their sex. Why can't someone be married to two people, or four, or any number they choose?

Why can't a bisexual man marry a gay man and a heterosexual woman if there is a loving commitment? Why can't that heterosexual woman also be married to a heterosexual man, and so on? Same-sex marriage is on par with polygamy, which is against the law.

Changing the definition of marriage makes polygamy legal by default.

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