Medical records of a Petaluma police officer suspected of being drunk when he crashed a motorized scooter in October during a department golf tournament will be released to prosecutors.

A judge ruled Thursday that relevant files from Officer Ryan McGreevy's treatment at Petaluma Valley Hospital and Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital will be turned over.

Prosecutors want the records to see if blood test results or the officer's statements to doctors will shed light on his condition. No sobriety testing was done at the time.

The case was referred to the California Highway Patrol for investigation a month later.

McGreevy was charged in January with driving under the influence of alcohol. The officer, who was recognized in 2007 for his work by Mothers Against Drunk Driving, has pleaded not guilty and remains on active duty.

Last month, McGreevy filed a motion to block the release of his medical records, saying the disclosure would violate his privacy rights.

But Judge Patrick Broderick ruled certain information about whether he was intoxicated would be shared. Other records would be redacted.

Broderick was expected to hand over the records at the next hearing, which is set for Thursday.

McGreevy's lawyer, Michael Li, said Friday he had not reviewed the records and did not know what information they contained.

According to police reports, McGreevy was "boisterous" and drinking from a red cup at the Oct. 5 event, where alcohol was served. Many other officers and department brass attended the tournament at Rooster Run Golf Club.

At some point, McGreevy took off across a fairway on a fellow officer's scooter and crashed. He was taken to the hospital with undisclosed injuries.

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