<b>Spoiled-child president</b>

EDITOR: Why is the fact that there has been no federal budget in nearly five years not an issue? All President Barack Obama does is campaign for an increase in his non-budget and make it sound as if it's the tea party Republicans' fault for all his problems. His tone is that of a spoiled child not getting his way. No past president has ever acted this way. What happened to "the buck stops here"?

What kind of a job did he expect the presidency to be? He will never collaborate with anyone who will not give him more money to spend. He and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid reject all budgets given to them.

Obama is the person running this country into the ground purposely and pointing his finger at everyone else. Does he not realize that the four other fingers on his hand point directly at himself? I just hope the Republicans hold the line and don't cave in — no continuing resolution, no additional raise in funds for Obama to waste. There is and always will be enough money coming into the government monthly to pay the bills.