What a trip

EDITOR: President Barack Obama flies into town (at our expense). The Secret Service closes streets and shops in the vicinity of his hotel, causing inconvenience and loss of revenue. People in the hotel cannot check out or in as long as Obama is in the area.

Then he's off to a private house to shake the fat cats down for $32,000 and, once again, people cannot get in or out of their homes for security reasons.

San Francisco police are everywhere, at what cost no one knows. All this inconvenience and cost for Obama to collect money from the people he blames for the financial mess we are in, the rich folk.

For only $5,000 more, you can have your picture taken with the president. Save your money. I have a cardboard cutout of the president with movable arms, so whichever side you stand on, he seems to have his hand in your pocket. I will come over to your house and take your picture for only $100, saving you thousands. Just make sure you have some change in your pocket so it is a life-like experience standing next to the president.