<b>Destined to fail</b>

EDITOR: On Saturday, two of your correspondents wrote letters which, when taken together, explain quite nicely why the Affordable Care Act will collapse of its own weight, to paraphrase Daniel Henninger of the Wall Street Journal.

Scott C. Fountain ("Insurance, finally") can now get his medical insurance for half the price. He is happy because someone else is picking up the bill. You can bet he will stay with the program.

Fred Tunzi ("No bargain"), on the other hand, is unhappy because he will be one of those who will be picking up the costs of Fountain's care. He notes that the more he makes, the less he gets, and $70,000 isn't all that much these days. I suspect Tunzi, and others situated like him, especially the young and healthy, will do the rational thing and reduce their production until it makes financial sense, i.e. they won't work for nothing.

When the Tunzis of the world, and their young and healthy compatriots, decide to work less, who will be around to pay for Fountain's care? The tea party is wasting its time; the Democrats have already killed this program.


Santa Rosa