A Sebastopol teen was struck and seriously injured Monday as she ran across Highway 116, trying to check on a driver who had just spun his car into a ditch, according to the CHP.

The driver, who wasn't injured, saw the girl thrown from the impact.

He called 911 and grabbed a medical bag he carries for his work and got out to offer her aid, the CHP said.

Halley Miller, 17, suffered broken bones from the impact with a Toyota 4Runner in the 5:20 p.m. crash.

Miller was taken to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital and was released Tuesday, but it wasn't clear whether she was transported to another hospital.

The teen, who lives in the southern Sebastopol area, was outside with her brother when the driver landed in the ditch.

Driver Gerald Maresh, 62, of Sebastopol was driving west on Highway 116 and swerved to avoid a car stopped in his path, waiting to make a turn, the CHP said.

After his car stopped spinning, Maresh began to call for a tow for his disabled car. When he saw the girl hit by the vehicle, he hung up and called 911, then went to help the girl.

The driver of the Toyota, Brenda Lee Arnaiz, 45, of Petaluma, reportedly wasn't injured.

Miller, injured but talking, told emergency crews she ran across the road to get to the driver and see if he needed help, according to the CHP.