<b>Anti-Catholic agenda</b>

EDITOR: I am not confused about your agenda in doing so, but I still marvel at how efficient The Press Democrat is at reporting every claim or charge of misconduct within the Catholic Church. Wednesday was certainly no different with the story of alleged crime and misconduct in the St. Paul, Minn. Diocese ("New abuse scandal troubles Minnesota Catholics").

As a faithful parishioner, there is little you can ever possibly report that will change my belief in my faith, and I know that most like-minded Catholics are disgusted with all legitimate claims against our clergy. I hold the same disgust for a news outlet that seems fascinated by the actions of so few but fails to report on our government refusing to allow Catholic priests to perform church services during the government shutdown, in spite of these same clergy members offering to do so on their own time.

The congressional gym remains open during the shutdown.

There are equally important news stories that The Press Democrat simply refuses to report, and these issues affect every citizen in Sonoma County and the United States. I suggest that you re-evaluate your agenda and start reporting those stories as well.


Santa Rosa

<b>Poor substitute</b>

EDITOR: They took the heart and soul out of the Harvest Fair. After 30-plus years of anticipating and attending and loving this event, we were sorely disappointed in the revised edition. If it remains the same next year as this year's event, my daughter and I will not attend. It would be better to read about the winners in the paper and then go to the wineries.


Santa Rosa

<b>Krauthammer's take</b>

EDITOR: Columnist Charles Krauthammer's attack on Democrats, blaming them for the federal shutdown, was only a repeat of current Republican talking points and distortions ("Place blame where it belongs — Democrats," Oct. 5). His three main points are easily refuted:

• Substance: In suggesting that President Barack Obama has usurped the Congress' legislative power, Krauthammer conveniently forgets his gloating at George W. Bush's hundreds of "signing statements," by which Bush flaunted his intention to ignore portions of laws.

• Perpetrators: The GOP's focus on restoring funds for luxuries such as national parks, while ignoring support for veterans' benefits and National Institutes of Health clinical trials that aim to save lives, is a shameful stunt aimed at whipping up the GOP base.

• Origins: Krauthammer is wrong that there was no across-the-aisle negotiation in the passage of the Affordable Care Act. He's forgotten the enormous dilution of the original concept that resulted from just such negotiation, and he's ignoring the current positive public response to the roll-out.

Krauthammer paints Republicans as victims, with the Democrats being responsible for the creation of tea party bullying. The favorite tactic of the abusive person is, "Don't make me hurt you." Shame on Krauthammer. The Press Democrat would be a better paper without his column.


Santa Rosa

<b>Obama's hatred</b>

EDITOR: It is extremely disturbing and grossly despicable that President Barack Obama is so hateful and spiteful of American citizens that he orders the closing of our treasured national parks and beloved national memorials. But that is who he is and now, thankfully, many are finally waking up to this fact. Those of us who think and love the United States have been acutely aware for years of the evils of Obama and his hatred of America.

It's extremely disgusting that many park rangers mindlessly carry out Obama's fascist orders. Have these rangers no values or principles or patriotism or backbone?

Trust me, when this epic battle for our freedom and liberty is over and patriotism and conservatism win this struggle for America's future, we will know the names and addresses of these un-American park rangers who blindly follow the orders of this dictatorship. And we will also know the names and addresses of all these moronic brownshirts who stand behind Obama as he gives his frequent indoctrination speeches appealing to the low/no information know-nothings across America.

It is time to end this oppressive fascist Obama/Democrat Party regime that has held the real America hostage for five years.


Santa Rosa