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Thursday's Letters to the Editor

Sleep disorders

EDITOR: While I applaud the sentiments in Saturday's editorial ("ADHD: A lower bar is no solution"), your readers should know of recent research that sheds new light upon the increase of attention deficity hyperactivity disorder diagnoses.

Researchers have established that many children with daytime dysfunctions that are currently defined as ADHD, impulse control and learning disorders may be having their problems driven or at least exacerbated by various disorders of sleep, including but not limited to sleep deprivation. These include what is called sleep disordered breathing and obstructive sleep apnea. Thus the epidemic that the editorialists describe may be a different epidemic than it appears to be.

Hopefully, this new research will lead to a greater degree of collaboration between educational and health care professionals who will include sleep evaluations in children receiving diagnoses wrongly or rightly as above.

I also believe that school districts themselves must take into account this new science of sleep in designing their daytime programs. At Stanford, the birthplace of sleep medicine, no classes are held before 9 a.m. How many of our children needing even more sleep could profit from this?



Time for knife control?

EDITOR: Didn't Macy's check Dylan Quick's background ("Texas man stabs 14," Wednesday)? Did K-Mart? I guess we will have to pass a bill to ban 10-inch kitchen knives or any knife that looks like an assault knife. What are we going to do now? First it's AR-15s with high-capacity magazines and now it's kitchen knives. Fourteen stabbed, and he didn't use an assault weapon with a high-capacity magazine. What's this world coming to?


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