Clearlake police Tuesday continued to investigate a shooting that left a local man with a leg wound, the third shooting in Clearlake in five weeks.

Clearlake Sgt. Nick Bennett Tuesday said detectives are looking at multiple possibilities regarding how the latest shooting may have occurred.

Craig Fenno, 25, of Clearlake was being treated at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital for the wound. He was shot Monday at about 12:45 a.m. while in the area of 13th Street in the Clearlake Park neighborhood.

Fenno blamed the shooting on four black men in a gold Cadillac, saying they pulled up to him and fired multiple times before driving away.

On October 5, a 45-year-old Clearlake man was shot in the chest and while watching over a marijuana garden at his home. He survived.

On September 7, David Allen Ferrell, 29, of Clearlake was shot to death and two others were wounded. Police have arrested four people in connection with the shootings.