<b>Must be parody</b>

EDITOR: Thanks to Gordon Forsythe ("Obama's hatred," Letters, Saturday) for the greatest example of parody I have read in ages and a clever takedown of beyond-ridiculous tea party Republican talking points. Classic.

If not parody but a serious, yet misinformed opinion piece revealing too much listening to Fox News and Sen. Ted Cruz, I suggest Forsythe understand that if President Barack Obama was indeed a fascist dictator, many Republican politicians would be in jail rather than the Capital gymnasium.

Obama did not personally order the closure of national parks and memorials. Tea party Republicans essentially did by shutting down the government. If Republicans deny funding, park rangers, government workers who Forsythe outrageously threatens, don't work. Did Republicans actually not contemplate the wide-ranging results of their extortion?

"Obamacare," found constitutional by a conservative U.S. Supreme Court, exists via passage by Congress, not dictatorial decree.

Forsythe, his fixation on fascism misplaced, is apparently subject himself to tea party leaders "appealing to the low/no information know-nothings across America," because nothing he states squares with reality, reason or the Constitution he supposedly reveres. And if not tyranny, what is it called when a political minority, losers of the last national election, holds the nation hostage?

The tea party — often wrong, never in doubt.