Director Steve Race, who filmed "I'm in Love With a Church Girl" during the spring and summer of 2010 on location in San Jose, encouraged the cast to improvise, she said.

"The film has a spiritual message, but it will appeal to both kinds of people — those who go to church every Sunday and those who never to go to church," Mann said.

Release of the movie was delayed after filming for the addition of new music, she explained.

This is Mann's second feature film. The first one, "Class Act," a comedy starring rappers Kid 'n' Play (Christopher Reid and Christopher Martin), was released in 1992.

Mann, who grew up in Detroit, was working as a stage and television actress in Los Angeles when she met and married Leon Geisberg, a Santa Rosa Realtor. She moved with him to Santa Rosa in 1994, and has continued to work in theater and on television, appearing in various roles on the soap opera "General Hospital."

In "I'm in Love With a Church Girl," Mann has five scenes in all, and she declared the role her favorite so far.

"It was a dream job," she said. "I had my own trailer. I was escorted every day to hair styling, makeup and wardrobe."