Friday's Letters to the Editor

<b>A downtown market</b>

EDITOR: On Wednesday, I read about a wine museum being built at the old AT&T building ("Tribute to the grape"). Really? When the city started talking about doing something with this building, I suggested a market with local merchants. We need a downtown market. I wrote to the City Council. Noreen Evans suggested my idea. Yes, it was a long time ago. The developer at the time struck it down, and nothing else was said about it.

I feel the council is not listening to the people who live here. Instead, council members are listening to people who don't live here, or people with money. A market would bring in tourists as well as a museum. We had one in Rohnert Park years ago. Guess what happened? It's gone. It didn't work. I guess they will find out eventually that this will not work either. Sad.


Santa Rosa

<b>Propaganda victims</b>

EDITOR: I have only pity in my heart for those who spew hatred and derision toward President Barack Obama, calling him an evil fascist with the destruction of America as his agenda. I say pity, for they are brainwashed, manipulated victims of propaganda.

Listening to Obama for five minutes makes it abundantly clear how untrue all this fiery rhetoric is, even to those who oppose his policies. But the right-wing echo chamber, bought and paid for by moneyed interests, has promoted this disingenuous assault in a desperate attempt to limit his power to govern.

Those who become obsessed with this false image veer sharply from the commonly held view that, regardless of policy, Obama is a good man. And those who believe his policies represent some kind of epic battle for freedom and liberty are far removed from the mainstream.

Rapidly shifting demographics in America are no doubt scaring the heck out of this small but vocal minority, which may account for their vulnerability to this skewed portrait of our president. Unfortunately for them, this demographic shift will only get more pronounced going forward.

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