A bicyclist riding along Mirabel Road in Forestville without lights or reflective gear was struck by a motorist and killed Saturday night, according to the CHP.

The cyclist, described as a man in 60s, was riding southbound when he was hit from behind by a white Toyota 4Runner SUV, CHP Sgt. Rick Fondersmith said. The crash occurred shortly before 7:30 p.m. near Spear Ranch Road just north of the Forestville Fire Department.

The woman driver stopped and ran to the fire station for help, Fondersmith said. The driver said she had not seen the bicyclist.

The man was declared dead at the scene, his body covered with a yellow blanket and his white and blue baseball cap lying in the road. He wasn't wearing a helmet, Fondersmith said.

Mirabel Road was closed to traffic until 9:20p.m.

Neither the cyclist nor the driver was identified.

There was no indication the driver was intoxicated, Fondersmith said.

The stretch of Mirabel Road where the accident occurred has a dirt shoulder and no bike lane. The nearest street light is an estimated 75 yards away.