Distracted driving isn't always about using a cellphone — Rohnert Park officers have stopped a driver who'd been working on his laptop computer on his lap, reported a Rohnert Park traffic sergeant Tuesday.

All Tuesday, Rohnert Park's officers were focusing on distracted drivers, looking for people texting, holding their cellphones or getting distracted in other ways, said Sgt. Aaron Johnson.

The male driver with the laptop was stopped on East Cotati Avenue traveling at about 45 mph.

While his citation was given months ago, it's an example of distracted driving in Rohnert Park, Johnson said.

Officers Tuesday morning, during the added enforcement, were writing about three tickets an hour.

April is designated as a month when law enforcement statewide concentrates on finding distracted drivers, due to the number of crashes they cause.

Tickets cost about $180 for a first offense.