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Wednesday's Letters to the Editor

The other vice

EDITOR: As a resident of Ukiah, I find it hard to believe that Mendocino County Public Health Services is so deeply concerned about alcohol when it doesn't care a whit about the tons of marijuana burying Mendocino County ("Awash in alcohol," April 8). I guess it depends on what your choice of vice is, and I think it's pretty apparent which vice the people at Mendocino County Public Health Services prefer.



Vineyards and climate

EDITOR: I read your story on optimistic grape farmers with amusement ("Grape growers optimistic on climate," Friday). How many dollars will be wasted and how much ink spilled on this political fashion?

With 15 years of projected warming "missing" and the original IPCC climate models statistically invalidated, anthropogenic global warming theory is increasingly faith-based. The movement has its dogma, its high priests, its tithes and its indulgences. Unfortunately, this is a state-sponsored religion, using its police power to extract dollars from the public in the form of regressive taxes and regulations. These drive up the price of energy for all, to the financial benefit of the politically connected and the government. This movement has now achieved a critical mass whereby there are just too many careers, regulators, taxes and academic reputations at risk if disproved.

The globe may indeed be warming, but the scientific proof is lacking. I also hope that there is a God in heaven, but again the scientific proof is lacking. I believe that the local temperature will rise to a level unsustainable for viticulture with the same confidence that I believe that exactly 432 angels can dance on the head of a pin. Either is possible. Prove me wrong.



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