Lake County law enforcement detectives pulled out old case files this week, looking for any reports that could be connected to a convicted murderer's claims he killed a hitchhiker he'd picked up near Clearlake in 1984.

"Right now we don't have anything," said Lake County Sheriff's Lt. Steve Brooks on Wednesday. "We don't have any missing persons reports from a female in 1984."

Clearlake Police Chief Craig Clausen Wednesday said his officers also didn't find any matching cases.

Curtis Dean Anderson, a former Vallejo resident, died in prison in December 2007 at the age of 46. It was eight years after he was convicted of kidnapping and killing 7-year-old Xiana Fairchild of Vallejo.

In a prison interview just before he died, Anderson told FBI agents he'd killed several females, from children to adults, between 1984 and his arrest in 1999.

He named Amber Swartz-Garcia, 7, of Pinole as his fifth victim, but didn't name any others. That little girl disappeared in 1988 and hasn't been found.

Anderson claimed his first victim was a young runaway he killed in late 1984. He said he disposed of her near Marysville.

Days later, he alleged, he murdered his second victim — a hitchhiker in her late teens.

He said he found this victim standing on a road in northeast Clearlake, looking for a ride.

Anderson told agents he dumped her body near Ballard's Bar Dam near the Yuba County community of Dobbins. He claimed to have also left another victim's body in the same area.

A physical search for bodies in the dam area hasn't been conducted by the FBI, as there was such limited and unproven information given by Anderson, said FBI spokesman Pete Lee on Wednesday.

The FBI hadn't released information about the murderer's claims for more than seven years because agents had been investigating, Lee said.

They recently ran out of leads and wanted to go to the public, hoping to jar someone's memory or determine whether the claims were even true, he said.

Lake County Lt. Brooks said he learned from the media Tuesday that the FBI had released information about Anderson's claims, including that an alleged victim could have been from Lake County or had passed through Clearlake.

"Basically we were hit cold with this thing," said Brooks.

While the sheriff's office files revealed no obvious connection, a sheriff's detective planned to contact the FBI.

"We're trying to get more details from the FBI to narrow it down, get more to work with," said Brooks.

The FBI's release this week coincided with Monday night's airing of a TV crime show regarding Anderson's crimes.

The Investigation Discovery network show included the Fairchild kidnapping and slaying and Anderson's kidnapping of 8-year-old Vallejo girl, Midsi Sanchez. They were both taken by Anderson within months of each other from 1999 to 2000.

Sanchez escaped and helped police catch Anderson.

The FBI also released details on two vehicles Anderson may have been driving in those years, a 1977 two-door Chevrolet sedan and a 1997 black Toyota pickup.

Lee asked anyone with information to call the FBI tip line at (800) 225-5324.

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