<b>Politics and golf</b>

EDITOR: It seems as if in Santa Rosa, just like Washington and probably everywhere in between, politics sometimes gets in the way.

Building a $9.6 million clubhouse and restaurant (timed just as the real estate market was crumbling) was obviously a political move and a financial risk for the city of Santa Rosa. The average golfer is just as happy bellying up to a long oak bar called the "19th hole" as he or she is having a full menu, live music, kids eating free, big screen TVs, banquet facilities, patio seating, etc.

Legends is a fantastic spot to eat and drink, but let's face it: Golfers are there to golf.

Financial problems aside, the Bennett Valley Golf Course is still one of the most affordable, most beautiful and most enjoyable experiences in Sonoma County. The staff is happy, friendly and helpful — and that goes for Bob Borowicz down to the course maintenance crew.

It's great to see there is a plan in place to right the ship — and continue the great golf tradition of Bennett Valley — without sticking it to the people who matter most: the people there to enjoy a round of golf.


Santa Rosa