Gov. Jerry Brown recently completed his work on legislation passed in 2013, signing 805 bills and vetoing 96 others.

Over the course of the year, we kept track of bills sponsored by North Coast legislators. Here's a summary the governor's actions on bills by Assemblyman Wesley Chesbro, D-Arcata; Marc Levine, D-San Rafael; and Mariko Yamada, D-Davis. Later this week, we will publish a scorecard for local state senators.

Chesbro's bills include:

; AB 261: Prohibits residential care homes for the elderly from requiring advance notice to terminate an admission agreement in the event of the death of a prospective resident. Signed by the governor.

; AB 497: Introduced to reduce the frequency of state Fish and Game Commission meetings, this bill was amended to authorize automatic conformance between state and federal regulations for sport fishing of salmon and groundfish. Signed by the governor.

; AB 647: Allows consumers to refill beer containers known as "growlers" at any microbrewery rather than just the one brewery where it was purchased. Signed by the governor.

; AB 904: Allows limited timber harvesting without a timber harvest plan by non-industrial timberland owners with less than 15,000 acres. Signed by the governor.

; AB 1041: Establishes an "employment first" policy for state regional centers when developing transition plans for the developmentally disabled. Signed by the governor.

Levine's bills include:

; AB 386: Allows California State University students to enroll in online classes offered at any CSU campus. Signed by the governor.

; AB 767: Authorizes counties to raise auto registration fee from $1 to $2 to fund vehicle theft prevention programs. Signed by the governor.

; AB 1092: Requires a state commission to establish standards for electric car charging stations in new multifamily and nonresidential developments. Signed by the governor.

; AB 1136: Requires pharmacists to include a label on medications that could impair a user's driving. Signed by the governor.

; AB 1200: Requires San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board to start a Sonoma County pilot project to assess the impact of occasional overflows from agricultural irrigation ponds during storms. Vetoed by the governor, who instead asked the state water board to permit such discharges.

Yamada's bills include:

; AB 394: Authorizes the Alzheimer's research fund check-off on state income tax forms through 2020. Signed by the governor.

; AB 602: Requires the state peace officer training commission to establish training procedures for dealing with mentally or developmentally disabled adults living in state mental hospitals or developmental centers. It also adds local law enforcement agencies to the list of those that must be notified of suspected abuse at mental hospitals or development centers. Signed by the governor.

; AB 1006: Requires courts and probation offices to provide information to juveniles about the opportunity to seal records of juvenile offenses. Signed by the governor.

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